Strategic Planning
    The Value of Strategy.
A strategy is more than a Business Plan. True strategic decision-making involves a deep understanding of the products and markets in which you operate, balancing the tradeoffs among multiple business opportunities, recognizing the financial and human resource constraints of the enterprise, and developing and implementing plans that maximize shareholder value.

Mercator's Unique Approach.
We do more than deliver a written report or PowerPoint with colorful charts and graphs. Our team of senior executives will work side by side with your staff to define opportunities, raise red flags, develop strategies and create implementation plans. We will also analyze your existing business processes and offer recommendations on how to re-engineer them to maximize efficiency. And if you wish, we will work with you to implement our recommendations to successfully attain your strategic business objectives and yield tangible results.

Who Is Mercator?
We are team of successful and accomplished senior executives with extensive operational expertise. The Mercator team has advised and led companies through start-up, initial and mezzanine financing rounds, IPO and sale and has a broad base of experience in, sales, marketing, operations, finance, information systems, legal and human resources. We have analyzed complex environments and developed and implemented strategies and tactics to address opportunities, improve productivity and achieve revenue, profit, and growth objectives across US-based and international organizations.

Why Mercator?
The Mercator Group was founded to bring a turnkey set of strategic advisory skills to address opportunities, fill existing gaps and provide the competitive advantages that emerging growth and middle market companies are looking for. Our principals have direct operating experience managing businesses, so we can provide strategic recommendations that are implementable and provide real return on investment.

What are the Benefits?
Mercator delivers tangible results by offering in-depth strategic analysis to push the boundaries of solutions:

  • Identifying attractive market opportunities and analizing the enterprises ability to succeed in those markets
  • Identifying points of real differentiation and competitive advantage in existing and new products and services
  • Developing strategic and tactical plans to achieve growth objectives
  • Developing financing strategies to implement the plan

Let us put our experience to work for you.

"Our board required outside assistance to help them understand our strategic options and recommend a course of action. Mercator analyzed our situation and the market forces effecting our growth and provided a detailed recommendation that has led to a renewed funding commitment."
- Doug Walker, CEO